You all know it!


The success of your businesses depends very much on the ability to recruit the right staff at the right time, so you do your utmost to make the best out of it. ¬†You find out there’s a mismatch after all and the recent hire leaves your company. Your whole investment is wasted.


What went wrong here? The founders of FreeYourPotential have seen this happening again and again and have recognized a pattern. The same reasons

1. Mismatch of competencies.

Assessment of competencies is many times based upon experience, resumes and one or more interviews. Quite often this turns out not to be sufficient. FreeYourPotential assesses skills and competencies extensively as part of a professional’s career development. Every professional receives a percentile score for every assessed competency. Anything that has been assessed will be in the professional’s profile, anything else will simply not be in there.

2. Mismatch of organization and personality.

The structure and culture of your organization define the way objectives are achieved in your company. It is of extreme importance that your new hires fit well within your organization. Both personality and personal skills play an important role here. FreeYourPotential helps professionals understand what kind of environment they need in order to flourish. We will also help you to create a profile of your organization that allows for perfect matchmaking on this dimension. FreeYourPotential finds the optimal synergy between employer and employee interest, resulting in successful and lasting win-win relationships.

3. Mismatch of ambition.

Often professionals leave their employer’s organization early on because they cannot realize their ambitions. Often this topic is not discussed during the hiring process for a variety of reasons. We make sure all of the professionals we guide through their professional lives have a clear understanding of their own ambitions¬†at any given time. We strongly advise you to hire someone whose ambitions are in line with what you can offer. It’s the best recipe for employee retention.


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